Twerk This…

So, with all the Miley Cyrus ruckus over her piece in Rolling Stone after her MTV performance there has been a rash of “open letters.”  First with the once great Sinead O’Connor.  I say once great because after her uber ballsy display of disgust with the catholic church on Saturday Night Live (when it was relevant might I add) the public killed that woman’s career.  Watching her get booed post the pope pic tear, so violently for something she was so passionate about was heartbreaking for me to watch.  She wasn’t booed because she exposed her boobs on an awards show, or booed for doing blow off some Thai ladyboy’s crank in a Saigon whorehouse…she was booed because she stood up for what she believed in and mad a stand.  She sacrificed her career to stand up for the people she felt were voiceless.


Now, why is a person with  this level of integrity saying ANYTHING to Miley Cyrus?  Really? Hannah Montana, AKA the Mullet part deux, AKA The Poor Man’s Britney AKA…I think you get the point I’m trying to make here.  Some of the things I’ve read on twitter, Facebook, and countless articles all over the net regarding the “lewd” , “racist” and whatever else you want to call it performance of Cyrus at the VMA’s was insane.  I couldn’t and still can’t believe that people first of all STILL watch that 3 hour advertisement for cola and cars and pop music.  I mean, after Madonna masturbated in the wedding dress in the 80’s, what are you really gonna do to top that? And besides, Miley Cyrus is a puppet.  She doesn’t do anything, wear anything, or say anything without proper coaching and a highly paid team of people that make people famous for a living. Last I checked, that’s not rebellion.  That’s bubble gum pop.  From what I’ve read, the plan and look for Cyrus has been “ratchet”.  Like that was actually a look her people thought would be good for her and get her that Lindsay Lohan type attention that today’s  15 minute celebs kill for.


So where does Sinead fit in with all this?  Well, in Miley’s video for “Wrecking Ball” there is an up close shot, and she has the tear falling, a la Sinead,  and she said  that was  inspired by the “Nothing Compares to You” video.  I’m sure somebody was inspired by that late 80’s classic, but I just can’t believe it was Miley Cyrus.  Anyway, Sinead read this and felt compelled to reach out to someone she felt was troubled.  Someone she felt was being pimped by the male dominated music industry that makes women tantalizing sex symbols, then disposes of them like yesterday’s trash.  And how did she make this point to Miley…? SHE WROTE AN “OPEN LETTER”!?


What the hell man?! First off, there are so many other things people should be outraged about other than Miley Cyrus. Government Shutdowns, a lack of a true middle/working class, me and Chicky’s addiction to Bottle Caps and Everlasting Gobstoppers.  Hell, the night of Cyrus’ VMA performance, Kim Jong Un had his ex-girlfriend and Korea pop star Hyon Song wol and other members of her group killed by firing squad.  Last I checked that’s WAAAY worse than Twerkgate.  Pussy Riot is starving in a Russian prison cell in protest, yet we still want to talk about the Miley the Puppet.

As I addressed before Sinead O’Connor has been out of the public eye, at least in American for some time.  This mention of her name in Rolling Stone magazine was a chance to come back in the public eye and she took it.  Posting her public, “Open Letter” to Miley Cyrus on her website.  I hate the open letter.  It’s so arrogant yet cowardly.  If you have a direct problem with the person, get at the person directly.  You’re Sinead O’Connor, I’m sure you know somebody,that knows somebody, that knows somebody, who knows Miley Cyrus.  If you REALLY had something to say to her, you could.  Instead it was an opportunity to get her name back in the public discussion.  Then Amanda Palmer wanted to chime in.  Palmer then wrote an “open letter” to in regards to O’Connor’s “open letter”…can you believe this bullshit I’m typing? I can’t believe this bullshit I’m typing.  All this letting writing.  Over Hanna Montana.  All these “important” female artists in an uproar over what…?


This is our response to Miley, her video, and  the outpouring of passive aggressive behavior in the form of the “open letter”: