We’re BAAAACK!!! And We’re Livin’ in a Car (Day 1)

After a short stint in the Central Coast of sunny California we’re back in the Bay Area.  This has been a crazy year of some high ass highs and some severe lows.  Lows that hit us so hard we thought we’d not only put an end to music, but our marriage as well.  But some good ass people came through and made sure we could continue to make music that will challenge the status quo.  They enabled us to continue to tour and even record a few more tunes and put together our most challenging release to date. To the Erickson family we are forever grateful.


Now we’re back in the Bay Area doing some work for for a large software/computer company to help pay for the upcoming vinyl pressing as well as the subsequent Word Tour Takeover for 2014.  We’re starting the year with a BANG once again.  To do this we have relieve ourselves of the luxuries we’ve had for the last 30 plus years.  We will be living in a car for the next few months while work up here in the Bay Area.  It probably sounds crazy to most people, but we feel if we’re gonna do this, we have do this.  100%.  No half assing.  Can’t lie, it’s a bit scary, and so far (as I’m writing this it’s day 1) highly uncomfortable.  The drive from Grover Beach where we were living to the Bay is like 4.5 hours.  We did it with me covered in boxes since we had to stuff the rental car down to make sure we could take ALL our stuff.  So we’re here now.  I’m at Denny’s in Richmond, CA.  The city where I grew up.  Can’t lie, it’s gotten hella worse, but the parking lot across the street by the Ross is going to be home for the next few months until we shove off again.


We do feel free though.  Some people are asking us what are our plans in the 3 weeks when our job ends and our tour starts…we don’t know.  We’ll figure it out when we get there.  For now, we have to earn some money to finish paying for this Vinyl and some new merchandise, and of course to go back out on a very extensive cross country run in the beginning of the year.  We’re going to be documenting this living in a car life.  OH, just so you know, we got gym memberships so we can have a place to shower and change.  We may have some uncomfortable sleeping/living arrangements, but at least we’ll be buff as all hell…hahahaha!