One Week of Livin’ in a Rental Car and Counting…

Well, it’s been a week and we’re still alive.  It’s been a bit more comfortable then we thought it would be.  Especially for Chicky, and especially since we don’t have any music gear in the vehicle.  It’s a white Nissan Versa.  Not the biggest car, but it’s more affordable than a hotel/motel and transportation to and from this job we have until Christmas.  We need this job because it’s going to help pay for our vinyl, new merchandise, and our subsequent tour in support of our new record.  If you didn’t know you can pre-order that NOW!!

Speaking of the new record, we’re pretty excited/scared for it’s actual release.  We did a Facebook ad for it on Friday, and paying for advertising always scares us.  We’ve done it in the past, we’ve gotten some likes and some nice comments from advertising, but we’ve never gotten sales…UNTIL NOW!! As soon as the ad went up so people got on the pre-order deal, which for us is very exciting.  At night in the car, snuggled as close as the center console will let us get, we dream and focus on our goals in this music game.  We don’t dream about the trappings of success, but about the chance that this music, this art we make will be seen, heard, and appreciated by a much wider audience.  We dream of no longer playing to the bartender and door person, in some far away small town, where the passion of what we do falls on deaf ears.

The CD’s arrived early last week, and we just stared at them in awe.  The artwork is amazing, and the sound quality was stunning.  We think you guys are really gonna dig it.  I have been packaging them up to go to radio with handwritten personal notes to all the stations we send them to.  Each note different, each note specific to the station.  Again, this is what we do AFTER our 12 hour day, so sleep is something we cherish to say the least.  But whenever we start to feel defeated by our lifestyle choices, we tell ourselves, this is all a means to an end..

We’ve been lucky enough to have a few nights in a bed, a friend of ours out here let us crash for a few nights, cause ultimately, that’s all we really need to re-charge the batteries.  This job we’re working is 12-14 hours a day EVERYDAY.  But it’s worth it.  Living on the fringe of contemporary society, BY CHOICE, to live out what most consider to be a foolish dream.  Music has taken us to different countries where we have lived amongst the people.  Not in the tour bus/hotel way, but by taking their public transportation, staying in their homes, etc.  We’re a part of so many communities we truly feel like citizens of the world.  Because of that our passion for what we do is that much greater. We have accumulated the greatest asset, friendship.  Real connections with real people, who appreciate what we do, and give us shelter, food, encouragement, buy merchandise…you can’t put a price on that.  I see bands throw around the word “fan”.  I don’t know if we really have “fans”  more than we have friends.  Before a show in Medford, OR, we were greeted with homemade bread and orange marmalade, German Chocolate Cake, and I was given a Bobby the Brain Heenan 80’s action figure that I wanted.  That to me is friendship.  Those same people drove out to watch us rock as hard as we possibly could for a minimal audience.  No mater what people may think of our lifestyle.  It’s all worth it.  Every night in a car, or on a pet hair covered couch or floor, it’s all worth it.  And it’s the interactions we get to have with you guys, our families all over the world that remind of this.


Thank you  guys.  We promise the new record will NOT let you down, and there are some huge things on the horizon for LFADM