Do you know what today is…?

Today is the four year anniversary of the day I met Chicky in Las Vegas while tour managing San Francisco hard rock band The Last Nova .  Met her at the Monte Carlo where she was working as a promotions manager for a bunch of night clubs in the bigger casinos.  I’d love to say she had me hello, but she had the moment I laid eyes on her.  It was game over when in our initial conversation she told me toured the world with a Vietnamese pop group.  I told her to leave her good paying job and move back the Bay Area with me, and we’d walk around and hold hands in the City (‘the City’ is what Bay Area locals call San Francisco). She agreed, and now we’re sleeping in a car (on most nights) saving every dime we get to make sure this next record and tour cycle is the biggest thing we’ve ever done.  Our celebration for tonight?  We actually spent a little money and a hotel room.  Not a MOTEL room, but a HOTEL room.  Tomorrow, we are off to work again, and we’re another day closer to our goal. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this bed with my Queen.