A Christmas Story…LA FIN Style…

Finally at 10:30pm this Christmas night, we have finally had the chance to rest in this uber comfy bed at the Hilton… A not so splurgey splurge thanks to Hotwire’s mystery deal.  Boy, did we come up.  It’s been a hellaciously busy last couple months and I have been sweet talking in Jason’s ear, riling him up with my oh so sexy fantasies… of snoring loudly into his neck.  Thankfully, today we were able to catch up on our much needed rest.  It’s probably not how most people prefer to spend their Christmas day but, well, if you know us then you already know that we don’t celebrate the holidays.   It’s less us wanting to spend time with our families, though, and more of not wanting to participate in the consumerism that overshadows the meaning of this time of year.  We were able to visit Jason’s parents and although it was nice to see them, the more emotional part of our day was visiting Jason’s maternal grandparents at the cemetery.  From all the stories I’ve heard, I have a pretty idyllic idea of Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Clarence and Gladys Davis.  I’ve heard tales of their influence on hundreds, even thousands in their community being loving and respectful and gracious and hospitable.  Jason apologized for not visiting often.  I hope I was assuring enough to remind him that they are always with him as he is a true reflection of their moral guidance.  I wish I met them.  I feel Jason’s life would have been different had they stayed around longer.  I probably wouldn’t be in the picture.  And I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a character of a Christmas Carol as part of one of the negative scenarios had Jason chose a different path.

We left the cemetery with our eyes drenched in tears, feeling the loneliest we have ever felt, yet happy to be with each other.

We hope that in between the magnificent sales you are finding, you are still finding the time to really appreciate and embrace all your loved ones.  Happy holidays.

Jason & Chicky Myles