And Away We Go!!!

Well, the moment we’ve been saving for, dreaming for, FUNDRAISED FOR, is finally here.  Our album is out.  Our first video in support of that album is out and the music media and a slew of new LFADM fans are already talking about it and sharing it.  There are still a few REAL LARGE media outlets that haven’t said anything yet, but we remain hopeful.  This first week is huge for all bands for a small band like us, this first week is paramount to what can happen next for us.  As I write this you, we are getting our 1996 Ford Winstar tuned up so we can head out on our newest journey.  We officially have no home other than the road we drive on.  We’re not frightened, but excited.  The live show has a new added element that you’ll have to come out to see, and there are some new tunes in the mix as well.  A few big shows we can’t talk about publicly just yet, but man…


The Doll Hut in Anaheim will be the first victim on this never ending tour, I’m gonna have to wrap this up, cause I have to get our booking agent the proposed route for the 2nd leg.


When you don’t make music for the populous, you understand that when you go out on tour, your music won’t be everybody.  We you don’t make music that can easily be put in a box, you know that, for the most part people won’t “understand”.  Old friends and family think we’re silly, doing something foolish and childish.  Not you guys.  And we thank you for that support and understanding and belief.  Thank you to everyone that has shared, played, purchased, told a friend, came to a show, bought some merchandise, gave us a couch, a floor, or a room to sleep, a shower, some food, some advice, and some love.  It makes us who we are, and the love you guys give fuels us on this adventure.


See you soon on the road

-J. Myles