So the Big News is…

Another week has passed on this 1st leg of our Black Sheep Tour 2014IMG_4591 We didn’t really know what to expect when we left.  We planned out what we thought was a great route.  By traveling east through the Southern parts of the United States, we wanted to avoid the unforgiving weather of the Midwest and the East Coast.IMG_4577  We had no idea that the storm that put the East Coast under record breaking amounts of snow, would filter its way down to the warm and cozy south, putting the region out of commission.  Weather has effected us tremendously, even in Florida.  Turn outs haven’t been what we expected, nor what the venues expected, and it’s hurt us financially.  But still we push on.  Through the rain storms,IMG_4595 through the snow, through the frigid cold, we push on.  We continue to meet amazing people that give us hope, a roof for the night, some food and love.  As we type this, we’re in Atlanta, GA staying with some friends that not only gave us a bed to sleep in, but keep feeding us making sure we can save the money we earn on these days off.  For a band our size, days off and extra long drives can KILL A BAND!IMG_4511  This is the stretch of the tour where we HAVE to do well.  The drives will get longer (Chicago to Utah!) and the shows are starting to get sparse as we head back west.


All this may sound bleak to some, but it’s the reality of the up and coming band.  We don’t necessarily feel so “up and coming” playing over 350 shows in the US, England,IMG_2266 Scotland, Wales, Canada over the last couple of years.  We always ask ourselves, “What’s the next step?”  “What’s going to be OUR tipping point?”


Last year, we were able to get some of our friends( Sirko Drive from Germany, Neo Gibson of Hotstuff & the Eyecandy from Scotland, and Social Security IMG_3080feat. Marc Jordan, producer and engineer for Velvet Revolver and Todd Weinstock from Glassjaw and now the band Get Invoved!) and legendary producer Justin K Broadrick to do some remixes for us.  Songs that our manager, Scott, felt did not get the proper push through our label at the time.  It’s been a bit of a success for us.  We did a crowdfunding campaign for it.  We got adventurous and wanted to press vinyl (which we are STILL waiting for)  We didn’t hit our goal, but we have exposed our music TO MANY MORE PEOPLE and we ACTUALLY sold some copies online.  This remix record has also allowed us some very good press.  AltSounds, the Quietus, Exclaim Canada, have all covered the remix release and video.  That’s HUGE for a band of our size.IMG_3280  Still, we need one more thing.  A bigger tour where we’re NOT touring by ourselves.  Staying in Tampa, FL with a friend of ours who’s in a MUCH LARGER band that us, he said, “You know what, you just need a big tour, and that will be a game changer for you…”

Well.  Finally, we got the call.  We will be doing the West Coast with GodfleshIMG_4574 To say we’re excited and a bit nervous is an understatement. Honored, blessed, lucky, we are feeling all those emotions right now.  We aren’t expecting to “blow up” as much as we are hoping that it opens more doors for us.  Trying to find our niche market in all these cities has not been easy.  We are hoping this will help us.  We could use it.  As for now, we’re enjoying being in this moment.


Thank all of you that have purchased our records, come out to our shows,IMG_4542 wrote us letters on how the music makes you feel, given us a couch, a floor, or a spare bed, or even YOUR OWN BED! Thank you for the meals that help us save the show money to pay our bills. Thank you every band that we’ve played with that has been another addition to our ever growing familyIMG_4064IMG_2265IMG_0379IMG_3518IMG_3128.  Thank you for keeping the dream a reality.