From Rags to Riches Than Back to Rags

Today is April 28, 2014.  Officially 6 days after our last show sharing stages along the west coast with House of Low Culture, Cut Hands (UK) and Godflesh (UK), in LA at the Fonda Theatre.   What an incredible experience it was for us, being able to taste what maybe, potentially, hopefully is a flickering glimpse of our maybe, potentially, hopefully near future.  As opening openers, the most obscure band of the bill, the fact was that this tour  was way past due…and the crowds came early most nights and they were more than eager to experience the full and versatile bill of the night.  Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh, innovator of post-metal music, had hand-picked bands that reflect his own various musical tastes.

IMG_5117                 IMG_5173

House of Low Culture consists of Aaron Turner, former member of post-metal band, Isis, also head of Hydra Head Records, teams up with his wife, Faith Coloccia, to create a minimal, dark and ambient experience; William Bennett, former member of “extreme electronic music” band, Whitehouse, has a solo project as Cut Hands.  And then of course there’s Godflesh.  Justin K. Broadrick, of Jesu, former member of Napalm Death is a reference point for most bands in the post-metal, hardcore, industrial metal genre.


Do you understand what an amazing opportunity is and what a wonderful feeling it is to be asked to join such reputed and idolized artists and not to just open for a night in our hometown (Ironically, our home-based, SF show, was the only west coast tour date we couldn’t get on), but for multiple dates along the west coast.  Like, we doubt we were asked to join the bill because they really thought we would bring out our 30 friends friends and family members to our non-hometown show and that even if that were the case, it would barely make a dent into their 1000-cap venues.   So, this was BIG.  And we came in with no expectations.  We even “knew” that we weren’t going to play for so many people.  I mean, how many people actually make the effort to try and catch all of the opening bands, right?

So can you imagine how it felt to be playing in front of hundreds of intrigued faces?


Or, being given our own dressing room with our name on the door?


For a few days were were able to not have to change in a small bathroom stall, fighting to keep our change of clothes from falling on dry piss and vomit-saturated floors.  And the water…. oh my goodness…. let us tell you about the water….  There is only two of us in this band, as you know.  So the fact that within each dressing room is a full case of 24 bottles of water…We.  Fucking.  Made.  It.


The chips and salsa were a bonus and even Godflesh invited us over to have Subway sandwich and cashew nuts!  I mean, are you even paying attention to what I’m saying???  Whoa whoa whoa…. fuck you if you think that’s shit.  No gourmet buffet catering.  No bowls of yellow and red only m&m’s.  Like this is some humble,  “I-know -what- I’m -worth -and -I -know -what- I -can -ask -for- but- I don’t- really -need -that much -and- I’m- quite- full -and -happy -with-these-simple- requests-and-I’m-too-practical-to-ask-for-the-frivelous-and-still-thank-you-for-the-lovely-hospitality” type shit.  Man, we really really really hope this dream to be at that level is a little more than wishful thinking.

And now we are back to driving too many damn hours, hoping to make enough for gas and food so that we don’t have to dip into our emergency fund.


We want to be able to tell the the crowd of 6 that, “Hey man, believe it or not we spent last week playing for hundreds and hundreds of people and you know what???  They not only dug us, but some also bought some fucking merch right alongside the other bands’.  Trust, us.  We are legit”.  But how would that sound from the same no name band who plays here with other no name bands to play for the no body  crowds.  Yes, we are back.  Back to the struggle of making it through to each day.  We can’t let our hopes fall too low.  Not yet, anyway.   Because we just have to get through this week.  We have some exciting things happening soon.  Very.  Very.  Soon.