Tour Diary: Birth of the Black Sheep;The Dakotas

Last night, as we drove away from our show in Minot, ND at Souris River Brewery2014-09-09 17.54.32 , we plugged in our Pandora and played the LFADM station.  We still get a kick out of seeing our album cover for Black Sheep:  REMIXED and hearing the tunes.  “Black Sheep” remix by Justin K. Broadrick immediately came on.   It was perfect for the drive.  My time in North Dakota was the catalyst for that tune.  It was a dark, lonely time filled with sadness.  Phone calls home about my experience that ultimately had me hitchhike back to California from the frigid below 0 temperatures of North Dakota compelled Chicky to come up with that guitar line and the beautiful acoustic solo that accompanies the tune.  Hearing the loneliness in her voice while driving down the highway took me back to when I worked in the mancamps of Williston, ND.  We sat there silently.  Listening.  Being here in North Dakota and hearing that tune brought us both back to a time in our music career and relationship that we’d rather forget.  But, damn, we got ONE HELLUVA TUNE OUTTA IT!2014-09-09 11.18.04


Now here we are in Bismarck, ND!!!  3 weeks into tour, 2 weeks into having a car rental, life seems to be ok here in the world of LFADM.  Of course, we still have to worry about our living situation post-tour but we aren’t trying to stress out about that right now.  My phone has officially crapped out so I’ve had to suspend my service temporarily until we get a new one.   Jason’s is limping along, slowing down day by day.  It won’t allow us to take photos because it keeps saying our storage is full.  But it’s not.  So, what the f***.  You know that we love sharing our adventures with you guys but it’s been tough to without working devices.  Thank goodness for our daughter’s computer.  But that’s still limited in its own capabilities.  But hey, it’s all small stuff in the big picture.  And we are not sweating the small stuff.  Right now, the universe is taking care of us and we are continuing to meet warm-hearted and kind people.  This has been our best tour thus far.  We’ve only had to stay a couple nights at the most in our little sedan… and that was only because we were en route.  Our biggest problem right now is potentially running out merch.  But should we really be complaining about that being a terrible problem to have?  2014-09-14 18.57.52


Because of our performance in Bismarck, ND on Monday, we got added on another show here today (It’s Wednesday as we’re writing this).  4 shows in Idaho, 2 in Montana, 4 in North Dakota, I think that’s some sort of record in these parts.  Before we went on last night in Minot, a guy in the crowd asked, “Why are you in Minot”?  I replied simply, “Why not?”
2014-09-04 21.29.47
I wasn’t trying to be witty, but that’s really how we feel.  By touring at this level without hotels and buses we are not cut off from the people of the town/city we’re in.  We’re amongst you when we’re here.  We truly get to enjoy America.  Even the parts of it people would like to not talk about.  We get to bring something brand new to areas that get a ton of generic country, unauthentic “Americana/folk” bands, and washed up 90’s radio nu metal bands.  With every show we’re building something special and on this tour in particular, we’re finally starting to see some of the fruits of our labor.

We are warm, we are eating, we are healthy, and we are still in love.  Things could be worse.
2014-09-15 00.01.08

PS Chicky is fantasizing about cheap ass Astro van that we can build a bed into.  It actually sounds pretty freaking’ awesome.  Please let us know if you have any leads in the bay area!!!