Sorry For the Silence…


First off, I’d like to say thank you to everyone that helped make out #LFADMBlackSheepTour2014 our most successful to date.  We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a rough one.  Our van/home breaking down and having to literally JUNK our van/home in Portland, OR was difficult to say the least.  Playing some real empty rooms when the local bands didn’t show up…That being said, we had more good shows than bad. Hell, we opened for Godflesh, The March Violets and The Atlas Moth on this year’s run. Met some amazing people that gave a place to crash on some cold nights, fed us, etc.  Thank you guys.  We can’t stress enough how much of a morale boost those kind gestures are.                                                               2014-10-22 11.50.32

I’ll be brief, since I have to get back to recording this new record.  Oh, yeah, we’re putting out a new record.  We met a very awesome band while in El Paso, TX called the Atlas Moth. 2014-10-19 23.11.06  Their singer has a label called Gypsy Blood records and we’ll be releasing our next album (no EP, AN ENTIRE ALBUM).  We’re pretty stoked on that, you should be too, we will be dropping some teaser stuff and video for our song “Love Song” later this month.

2014-11-19 13.36.56

Also, in very big personal news, WE FINALLY GOT A PLACE TO LIVE!!  Look at the photo above to see our excitement.  You might also notice my lack of facial hair.  I had to shave it off for a commercial thingy we had to do.

2014-10-28 11.01.05

Anyways, as you probably know, we’ve been living in our van or with good friends here in California.  When we decided to do this music thing, we knew we had to go full throttle.  We couldn’t give it our all if we had serious financial obligations.  Coming back from this tour, we knew we needed a van so we could have a place to stay, so that was our priority.  A good friend of ours that owns a music studio here in the Bay Area offered us a room  where as he called it, “We could winter..” until we leave again for tour in the spring.  It’s great, we have a bed, a door, these things probably sound trivial to most of you, but when you’re hiding out in a parking lot, these simple things are PARAMOUNT! The constant sound of vastly different genres is not only welcomed, but motivation for us to make this upcoming record as uncompromisingly awesome as possible.

2014-11-08 20.32.22Alright, I’m going to get back to work on this record, and back to work, work while we’re home too.  Gotta pay for these upgrades so we blow you balls off for the upcoming live shows.


Love Always and Forever,

J. Myles


2014-10-25 13.28.11