It’s 2015, A New Year, A Big Year

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Well, here we are.  2015.  A new year.  New possibilities.   A clean slate to become a better us. This time last year we were living or van (RIP Wendy)happy to be there with the hope of our newest release attracting some attention and possibly opening some shows for larger artists. Well, all that happened.  It wasn’t all storybook and lovely though.


Living through one of the coldest winters on record in the van across the country was more motivation to make sure every show we played, no matter the size of the crowd, we would leave an indelible mark.  Play with such passion and ferociousness that the people there would be scarred by what they witnessed. 2014-10-15 23.27.09 After most shows we went back to the van, our vessel, our home.  On those cold nights, like the REAL 2014-10-19 15.12.54COLD ONES (Thanks Iowa, Chicago, and Nebraska!) we realized that we wanted a place of our own.  A place without wheels.  An actual door to open, we didn’t even want furniture, we just wanted walls.  After the shows, no matter if we were in the comfy confines of a friends extra room, or sleeping in a cheap motel (this is always VERY RARE for us) we fantasized about having our own place.  It always seemed so out of reach.  Usually to get a “home” you’d have to sacrifice something. Being on the road 6-9 months out of the year, it’s hard to justify paying for a place if you’re not going to be in it that much.  Also, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, so the cost of living here is RIDICULOUS!

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On our way back from our final leg of the tour, the fantasy of having a place got more real.  We lost Wendy the Windstar (our van) in Portland, Oregon and we had nowhere to go.  I wanted to just get another van, but we did toy with the idea of trying to at the least find a place to sublease.  When we returned to our practice studio we hoped we could take our newly purchased van and park/sleep in the back lot where it is secured, and there’s a bathroom we would have some access to.  The owner of the studio one upped us.  He offered us a place to stay and practice if we just cleaned up the place and paid some money. 2014-11-18 20.18.11 A tall order, but we are not above cleaning toilets and picking up used condoms from the perimeter of the complex for the chance to have a roof.  It’s not a conventional place to stay in.  I mean, it’s a music studio.  A well known studio that a LONG LIST of bands use.  Taiko class right outside your door, mariachi Fridays, it’s like living in Forest Gump’s box of Chocolates. You never know who, or what you’re going to hear at any given moment.  Silence is something we don’t get very often, but we can’t say enough about the other inhabitants of this lovely place.  An old warehouse building that is brimming with a magic that is just infectious.  We not only got the home we laid awake at nights dreaming about, but we live in the most supportive artist community I could ever imagine.  I get to talk to my musical heroes on an almost daily basis.  To say this has spawned creative energy in Cyndy and I is a bit of an understatement.2014-07-22 16.18.38


With that being said we’ve finally gotten back in contact with Justin Broadrick about producing our upcoming release.  We spoke to him about it while we were touring with Godflesh earlier this spring, (where Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy purchased a lovely LFADM shirt!)2014-12-21 17.15.10but he’s a BUSY MAN to say the least.  We’ve been working on this album since we came back in November.  We had to take a bit of a break and find “regular jobs” cause we’re not that well off yet where the funds we earn from touring can sustain us for 3 plus months of no recording.  As we mentioned before, the release will be coming out on Gypsyblood Records (The Atlas Moth, the Proselyte) we will of course be updating y’all on the happenings of that album SOON!

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The other night Cyndy looked at me asked what we’re going to do this year.  What do we want.  We’re not content with just a place to stay.  We of course want to continue to play, more shows, and more countries, we’re working and saving now so that we can spread this virus all over the globe in 2015.


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