Family Matters: LFADM & The Soundwave Mafia

First off, sorry we’ve been absent from social media.  We are starting to really hate the vast majority of stuff we see on our Facebook/Twitter feeds.  Rampant racism and sexism, frivolous pop culture debates.  Yuck.  One thing we can say, is that we truly appreciate you guys.  Seriously, the comments and support, the casual INTELLIGENT conversations we have social media keep us connected.  Human interaction is the best part of touring.

One of the best parts of touring is seeing friends and in the this case family you don't get to see that often

One of the best parts of touring is seeing friends and in the this case family you don’t get to see that often

At our level we’re not separated by buses, security, velvet ropes and back stages.  It’s just you and us.  We passionately pour our emotions out and you throw yours right back at us.  That interaction reminds you your alive.  We step away from our handheld devices for a second and enjoy what’s taking place.  So what we’re getting at is that we like talking to y’all.  I’m sure many people reading this have had LONG ASS conversations with one of us in some club somewhere in the world.  We don’t look forward to going to places like Medford, OR or Somerville, MA for the scenery, we look forward to seeing our homies!  I will say, we do love Lafayette, LA for the all you can eat Popeye’s. That shit is magical…


Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that we want to talk to y’all and while we’re finishing up this record, and recording for the upcoming tour (Starts April 2nd in Oakland, CA) we are going to TRY OUR HARDEST to make these social media posts more conversationally engaging.  Thank you guys for being rad.


Now, on to what is SO AWESOME!  I know we told you we live in a music rehearsal studio.  I don’t know if we told we live in THE music rehearsal studio in the Bay Area.  Everyday I have to see Faith No More’s platinum record for Angel Dust, and En Vogue’s Platinum Record, and Tony Toni Tone’s platinum plaque as well.  It’s motivation to say the least.  Not only are there the artists that have graced these halls that sold millions, but there are artists that STILL come here that have influenced generations.  Ted Falconi of the punk band Filpper, one of the first punk bands I had ever heard as an 11 year old child (thanks to my crazy awesome uncle Kenny) comes by a few days week.  Not to play, but just hang out.  Sometimes we can get him to tell awesome stories of back in the day.  As we’ve said before, we met Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone fame here.  He liked what he heard at a rehearsal we were having here and helped us get a video made for “Black Sheep Remix w/Justin K Broadrick” and “Descent Into Madness Remix w/ Sirko Drive”.  Even Bill Gould from Faith No More has shown his support for our upcoming record and offered to help in any way possible and we’re currently recording our vocals with THEIR MIC!!!

Chicky doing some late night recording in our rehearsal room/studio/home

Chicky doing some late night recording in our rehearsal room/studio/home

It’s an amazing feeling to have people like this not only like you as a person, but respect you as an artist.  Thousands of people come through here every month.  Very few people here get excepted into the “inner circle”.  It almost feels like a kind of musical mafia run by the owner Al.  To call him generous is a bit of an understatement.  Close to 30 years in the industry as a musician (he played drums w/ Alex Scholnick of Testament) and studio owner his attitude towards people hasn’t changed one bit.  He still after all these years in the business finds joy in helping bands succeed. All BANDS.  From Reggae to Rancid they’ve all graced these halls and they all have nothing but praise for Al.  After seeing us rehearsing diligently for our 2nd leg of our tour last year he commented on how impressed he was at our work ethic.  When we returned from the end of our 3rd leg of the tour at the end of the year and commented on how we wanted to know if it was okay to sleep in his back secured parking lot, he said that was crazy and offered us a room. It was the shell of what used to be his office.  Before that it is where Third Eye Blind practiced (Another interesting Soundwave success story).  He had some of the Soundwave Family convert his old office into a loft, and made sure it was ready for us soon as possible.

The loft in the and the bad ass spiral staircase built by none other than the great Captain Steve!

The loft in the and the bad ass spiral staircase built by none other than the great Captain Steve!

Since we’ve been a pretty much a band of traveling gypsies the last few years, we didn’t have furniture.  Well, good ol’ St. Al gave us some of that to use too!  He did though ask us to do some things in return.  The studio was pretty filthy.  So he asked if we could help clean it up.  It’s so worth it.  In the cleaning we discovered a bit of a hidden gem in the building.  A bar in the stage room here wasn’t being utilized.  We talked about wanting to do a cafe in the space.

There's J in action at the "cafe"

There’s J in action at the “cafe”

Al agreed, but talked about all the things he’d have to do to make work, all the stuff he’d have to buy etc., and it seemed like a project that wasn’t going to happen.  Well in typical LFADM fashion, we wanted to do it, so we did.  Hella bootleg.  It’s called J’s Bootleg cafe.

Here's a shot of the cafe in the AM

Here’s a shot of the cafe in the AM

It’s the most awesome secret room in the place. The hours are sporadic, you pay what you can afford, and for Chicky and I, it’s our way to say thank you.  We often feed the people that work and live here too.  More often than not for free. It’s like a big ass family kitchen. When bands come through, some members get so carried away in the atmosphere and the conversation they’ve been known to miss practice (Sorry Sam from Get Dead, HAHAHA!) It’s been a bit of a dream of mine to have a spot I can return to when tours are over that I can happily work at.  I love it.  Kind of a rock n’ roll Cheers.  The stories I get here back here about what the bay was like back in the day, tour stories, music industry stories, everyday is like a rock tell all.


Between Al and all the bands we interact with here

Chicky captured some shots from a Mordred practice.

Chicky captured some shots from a Mordred practice.

on a daily basis we feel better than ever.  Energized to take on the world, one small, self promoted show at a time.  Again thank you all for reading this, Cyndy and I are getting ready to bring you a bigger and more bad ass show than ever.  We’re also planning to do another DIY UK/European tour.  Big awesome things happening in 2015, now I have to stop procrastinating and go pick up trash outside and get this record done!



Hella ready to drop this record on y'all!

Hella ready to drop this record on y’all!