Leaving Camelot for the Great Unknown…




I’m writing this from our good friends’ house in La Habra, CA.  We should be on our way to Tucson, AZ, but that show was cancelled late last night so we got an extra day off.  We don’t like days off.  At this level, to not play is to not make money, and the more days off you have…I’m sure you guys get it.  All that being said, we’re still feeling good.  We were able to kick the show off at our home in Soundwave Studios in Oakland, CA.  Man! What an experience that was.  We got to play in front of our Soundwave family and everybody chipped in to help with the show.  Glenny (Skinlab), Chris (Machine Head, the Servants), Erik, Ray, Rich, Mario, even the owner, Al, helped with the set up for the nights show. (Shout out to Steve for his disgruntled yet genuine love and support). It was the first time we pretty much just moved out of the way and everybody else put together an amazing light show and stage set up.  I found myself speechless, watching these people who came together to make sure everything looked cool.  Lights, fog machine, backdrop, refreshments, it reinforced the feeling of togetherness we feel with the colorful characters that inhabit Soundwave.  Before the show, us and our daughter took people on a little tour of the facility.  It’s a hidden gem to many non-musicians that are awed by the historic monument of Bay Area music that Al has put together.  We can’t say it enough, but thank you to all that came to see and support us on this tour and to our Soundwave family for giving us the space and the inspiration to write this new record and hit the road on this never ending journey.

On the road AGAIN!!

The last few months have been spent creating, learning and improving our personal and musical skills.  Chicky apprenticed the art of making very high quality instrument and mic cables from the infamous Kidd Candelario who worked for the Grateful Dead for their entire career.From lft to right, Mario, Chicky, and Kid   The ‘nesting’ bug seemed to have overcome her as well that she took it upon herself to cut and lay down carpet in our humble abode, making it a warmer and inviting room for our children to visit.  Jason opened a secret cafe for ‘the [Soundwave] village’ to provide delicious and cheap food and warm company and conversation.  We would never have these opportunities to do these things anywhere else.  So we couldn’t complain about our early mornings to clear Wood St. of trash, used condoms and  bags of human feces.  Nor did we mind cleaning bathrooms and dirty rehearsal rooms.  We may have been quiet for a long while  but only because we had to find the time to focus on getting our newest album (and very first FULL album) and bringing up our live performance a few notches.  Unfortunately, our new album won’t be officially released until summer and although we don’t have physical copies in hand, we should have them next month which will be a treat to our show attendees who will have the opportunity to obtain a special preview.

So, you better come out to see us.  We’ve got some special stuff for you.


The back drop the lights, our Soundwave Studios tour kick off show. Oakland, CA

Rocking the big stage at Soundwave Studios.