The New Record is Coming….

Las Vegas.

Las Vegas.


To say we’re a little excited about this new record is a bit of an understatement.  All the album artwork is in for the physical CD and the digital release is scheduled to drop on Sunday, September 6.  To prepare you guys for our most person, passionate, powerful, and heavy record to date, we figured we’d share the story of how “Clarity Amongst the Rubble” came to be.

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We’ve been listening to the mixes over and over trying to figure out how the record should flow.  As you know, our music, as well as our live show, has a flow to it.  It ebbs and flows with dramatic highs and lows much like life itself.  One song in particular that was standing out as a song that truly exemplified the mood of the album was, “Dreams and Disappointment in a Cloud of Hope“.  When art is no longer your hobby but your actual “job”, it’s a profession that gets looked at quite differently from most.  You’re not judged when you’re a household name.  You have raving acclamation of how you’re everyone’s pride and how awesome you are that you have billions of fans and have millions of dollars and your face is everywhere to be seen.  Wellllll….. what if you’re not recognized on every street and you don’t have a mansion, nor a Bentley?  But you can pay your bills and you don’t have to ask for money nor live on credit?  Is that ok?  Or not?  Does it matter?  Because how are you affecting others when  you, yourself, feel the happiest you have ever been in your life?

This is the Albuquerque fam!

This is the Albuquerque fam!

Dreams expresses the challenges of gaining approval of the ones you love.  It comes from a very honest place inspired by our own situations and our own families. To be honest, and without getting into it too much, it was directly and immediately created after an intensely emotional experience I (Chicky) had with my own.

If you are in the same situation, let’s experience it together, shall we?

Click Here To Listen to Dreams and Disappointment in a Cloud of Hope

Also, don’t forget the pre-sale for “Clarity Amongst the Rubble”. It’s only $3.99 on iTunes


Earlier this year in Evansvile, IN at one of our favorite places to play, PG's. Great food, even better people.

Earlier this year in Evansvile, IN at one of our favorite places to play, PG’s. Great food, even better people.