PNW Noob Tour Starts Friday…Whew

Well, looks like it’s time to get ready to go out and tour once again. 21367015_1886994238286013_4357410742063099197_o.jpg Just this time the setting is quite different and the time isn’t so long.  A quick run up the Northwest to Seattle will mark the last set of shows for me and my new musical endeavor, Bitter Lake. No longer sharing a van with the love of my life, I will be rationing out space in tight quarters with 5 other grown ass sweaty men.  As I still struggle to put La Fin Absolute Du Monde to bed, I keep an optimistic look forward to the next chapter in my musical life with Bitter Lake.  It is though, I can’t lie, a bit of a nerve racking undertaking leading a band.  I enjoyed playing the background as Cyndy enchanted crowds with not only captivating beauty, but the haunting voice that stuck out in a sea of reverb soaked copycats. 13507076_1359503490732989_2454373102494256355_n I’m undecided about the tenor of my own voice. I worry at every flat note I utter through a microphone.  So, you practice.  Practice…practice, practice….


The new band is a totally new sound for me.  I felt the only way I could go on, would to be something TOTALLY unlike LFADM sonically.  With LFADM, we could create large soundscapes, orchestras, and a harmonious choir of backing vocals, whatever grandiose tone we wanted, we could and would try our best to create.  The one common bond of the groups is that they are both born out of the frustration of the environment the music is created in.  Directly outside my dilapidated warehouse door is an ever growing homeless encampment that lies in the shadow of a deindustrialized city.  Everyday it seems to grow like the mountains of trash that is dumped in front of it.  More elderly, more mentally ill, more vulnerable people falling victim to an inflating cost of living, a lack of jobs (that pay enough) and gentrifying city that has no place or want for them.  This is my neighborhood. These are the scenes I see that paint my understanding of humanity. But, it was our (Cyndy and I) neighborhood.  When it was time, or inspiration hit, and LFADM music was being made, it was made with the compassion of artistic lovers intrenched in this almost post apocalyptic scene.  That love breeds a tone of hope    in the bleakness.  Now, alone in this same dismal urban habitat, the mood has morphed into contempt for the corporate and political factors that created this mess.   There is less hope, more anger in Bitter Lake.  The nurturing of touch of the woman I once called my wife is gone, so the frustration over these ever mounting impediments grows.  These factors combine to manifest a more violent dissonant tone out of me musically. Fostering a kind of “groovy dissonance” with Bitter Lake. I wanted a raw sound.  No synths or keyboards at all.  Raw sounds to reflect the harsh reality that surrounds not only the rehearsal, but also the recording studio where Bitter Lake resides.

I think I’ve pretty much got it.  Hope to see you guys on the road soon…



-J. Myles